crushing disappointment vs desktop publishing

As far as weekends go, I’ve had better – this one had far too much Crushing Disappointment for my liking.

  • The fun I was determined to have on Friday afternoon never materialized and instead Ed and I spent the weekend playing hermit
  • The smutty book I bought at the book sale had NO SMUT and it was just awful, even by crappy period romance standards
  • We watched the 4th and last Futurama movie, and it *sucked*. We love Futurama, but Into the Wild Green Yonder made us laugh exactly twice and only at the very end
  • I went black and almost immediately regretted it, wishing to go back – I dyed my hair black in a fit of misplaced teen angst, and I kind of hate it and want to go back to red
  • I got out-cocked this morning and now my pants are wet
  • I picked up two cute shirts for spring only to realize that I can’t wear them to work – far be it from me to show any sort of boobular modesty, but these shirts give me porn star rack and that is just not appropriate at the Lab
  • Did I mention that I hate my hair? I really hate my hair.

We managed to pry ourselves out of the house for breakfast with the Gang on Saturday, but the rest of the weekend was spent in solitude. It was certainly not the plan, but I guess we just needed some down time after last week’s turmoil. I am resolved to have some Good Times this week though, and my weekend is actually looking to be pretty insane – a party on Friday, OPERA on Saturday, and brunch Sunday followed by the Lo-Fi Scooter Workshop (weather permitting).

I’m attempting my most ambitious Event Planning to date with the Scooter Workshop. Spring is coming fast and furious, and we know a lot of people who have expressed interest in buying a scooter to move around town on the cheap. Since the 6 of us have 5 different scooters between us and a lot of knowledge, I came up with a brilliant plan while I was dying at Northern Voice: we could hold a WORKSHOP!

Next Sunday after brunch, we’ll be gathering in an abandoned lot somewhere with our scooters and inviting people we know to come down to check them out. It’s pretty much the only place you’ll ever get this kind of variety, since our 6 scooters have three different manufacturers and a handful of different price points. We’ll be on hand for questions and demo rides, all in (relatively) safe pressure-free environment – no sales people, and we certainly aren’t making any money off this (although please feel free to bring us drinks). I really hope the weather cooperates, because I’m very excited about this. I love talking about scooters, I really want to increase the size of our scooter gang, and best of all – I GET TO MAKE A FLYER!

The event is up on Facebook – if you think you might be interested and are not a scary stalker or axe murderer, look me up to request an invite (or leave a comment here).


2 thoughts on “crushing disappointment vs desktop publishing

  1. YAY!

    a) I’m excited that you guys are coming to Rock out on Friday night — always a blast to have you a part of the fun!

    b) I’m really sorry you hate your hair. I bet it looks supa cute, despite your hate.

    c) I’m so excited about Saturday, too!!!

    d) I’m out of items, but I thought my list needed a D.

    e) Oh wait… There was a d. But, now it’s E! I’m looking forward to coming out to your low-fi scoot-thing. I hope I can make it out, anyhow.

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