i’m wrong about me

I chopped all my hair off yesterday. I’m feeling a little better about the colour – turns out it wasn’t so much the drastic change I hated but the fact that I looked like hell. Now it’s short and somewhat cute and I am not startled by the black when I catch my reflection. I’d take a picture, but I’m feeling spectacularly unphotogenic today so just use your imagination.

According to some new “shock research”, women who drink more than three cups of coffee a day will get smaller boobs. I can’t decide if I should laugh at this, or go to Starbucks.

There’s something a little sad and depressing about filling out a form that asks you to “tell us something about yourself so we can get to know you”, only to have the form spit out an error when you click submit. I’m sorry my personal information isn’t good enough for you, volunteer form. I will try to be more exciting in the future so you do not look down on me and give me bright red errors saying that I’ve done you wrong.

I think I need a muffin.

Also, the conversation below the cut amused me.

Kimli says:
giving 14 coupons away on my website
Ed “RakE” P. says:
pic contest!
bad hair!
Kimli says:
haiku about orgasms
Ed “RakE” P. says:
oh, that’s more appropriate
Kimli says:
there’s a reason
read my site
Ed “RakE” P. says:
good idea
Kimli says:
there is a rhyme to my reasoning
your lack of faith is disturbing
there area 4 lights
Ed “RakE” P. says:
Kimli says:
most men would be delighted with a star wars/trek quoting orgasm poetry wife
Ed “RakE” P. says:
it was the area 4 lights that ruined it for me
like armpit hair
Kimli says:
Ed “RakE” P. says:
Kimli says:
like you’ve never prematurely apostrophe’d before

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