being cool like me

People often wonder how they can be as cool or as awesome as I am. It’s not easy (I just make it look that way), but if you wanted to experience a mere glimmer of my fabulous lifestyle, you can start by taking yourself to the opera.

The Vancouver Opera is doing a 2-for-1 ticket offer for Rigoletto, ye of the nudity and cages and guys on stilts, for the March 17th performance. This is an incredible chance to treat yourselves to a fancy night out and see a fantastic performance at the same time.

To get tickets, call 604-683-0222 with the promo code 1670 then sit back and feel excellent about having a real reason to wear a pearl necklace for once instead of by misfire or for roleplaying purposes.

hey baby check out the size of my opera wand

hey baby check out the size of my opera wand

2 thoughts on “being cool like me

  1. I like to pretend I’m awesome because of my beard.

    But then food gets stuck in it and someone has to point it out and I feel somewhat silly ( but still slightly awesome, because the food ended up in my easily cleanable beard, instead of on my less easy to clean clothes ).

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