sunday drivers

I am really feeling that missing hour today – my head feels like it’s filled with sand and goblins. I couldn’t fall asleep last night and eventually had to abuse some expired NyQuil to catch the zeds. It worked, albeit a little too well – the only reason I’m out of bed right now is because I had a cat yelling in my ear and I really had to pee.

What a weekend that was. I missed out on three parties, yet still somehow managed to squeeze in a great deal of fun. Saturday was the opera, of course – the live blog is below, and I have some more thoughts to share a little later when the sand goblins fuck off and I can think in a straight line again. On Sunday, the gang minus Darren (AWOL) and Ed (sick) plus John from Toronto (my replacement husband for the day) met up with Brigitte and Markus for Dim Sum at Sun Sui Wah on Main Street. It was packed in there, but Miranda lied her way into getting us a table. The food was great – they had this thing called a Mango Pancake that was just brilliant, and we made our way through three orders of it – and our server was kind of hilarious. For reasons we can only guess at, he decided to ask us all if we had any connections with FedEx or UPS because he needed a new job and had to get out of the restaurant business. He was a walking resume, telling us all about his work history and skills. We promised we’d mention him to people we know, so if anyone knows how Roland from Sun Sui Wah can get into the courier business, let me know and I’ll give you his phone number. He’s hard working, has a lot of initiative, and is thoroughly sick of working weekends and wearing a bow tie. Someone should hire him!

After we stuffed ourselves into a food coma, we decided to take advantage of the remaining sunlight and go for a drive to Squamish. We dropped the Mazdabator off at home, tried unsuccessfully to pry Ed off the couch, and were on our way. John is in town until Thursday, so we had to show him as much of the city as we could. I had previously postponed the Lo-Fi Scooter Workshop (to be held on an undecided date in April due to the weather and Josh’s Ruckus being sick), so I was glad to have something to do. We stopped at Shannon Falls to take pictures, then at Porteau Cove on the way back. Normally a trip to Taco Bell would be a mandatory part of Squamish (shut up, Canadian Taco Bell is awesome and we miss it but not enough to go to Surrey), but as we were still full from brunch and Miranda and Reilly had a party to set up for, we skipped it. We parted ways after that, with the Gastown peeps headed to the liquor store for the photographer party and the North Shore faction making it home just before the blizzard started.

With the stupid amounts of snow falling from the sky it seemed like an excellent time to stay in and nap, so that’s what I did – potential death be damned. I awoke in time to watch the new Simpsons, then played video games until I was sick of hacking leapgates and fighting demon candles. Sleep did not come, and now I am reluctantly at work and ready to translate technical garbage into Router Maintenance for Dummies. Hooray!

Those Mango Pancakes were fucking awesome, though.

a rough night at the opera

a rough night at the opera

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