how high? real high coz i’m just so fly

Okay, Rapid-Gels – do your thing. I have a sinus cold, and it’s fucking me up pretty badly. I’m about three minutes away from begging my boss for lenience and going home, as I don’t have a single meeting today and anything else in my “to do” pile can be done remotely. I’m attempting to knock this thing out of my system with drugs and water, but as of yet I am a drippy, suffering mess. It’s awesome. Hooray for sinuses.

I hate that I’m feeling so crappy right now, because I fully intended to write a filthy update about spite dildos. It’s going to have to wait though, as my coherency is questionable at best. I can’t actually feel my finger tips, although the backs of my hands are fuzzy and tingling. “Non-Drowsy” my ASS – how the hell am I going to get home on Oscar when I’m high as a fucking kite? Son of a bitch!

spite dildos spite dildos spite dildos

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