upgrading oscar

I had to take the Sea Bus this morning because I am without a scooter for two days.

Ed decided he would buy me a present he knew I would never buy for myself, no matter how much I wanted it: a Stage 2 Vino 125 Power upgrade. After work yesterday I dropped Oscar off in Richmond, and I’ll go pick him up tomorrow afternoon. He’ll have some shiny new parts:

  • New pulley
  • 2 sets of new rollers
  • New belt
  • New Exhaust
  • High camshaft
  • New cylinder

.. I don’t know what any of those things are, but I’ve been promised that Oscar will have a faster acceleration and a higher top-end speed. Speed I can understand. Speed is good.

I fully confess to being a complete idiot when it comes to cars and bikes. I can probably build a computer with my eyes closed, but when it comes to anything more complicated than buying gas and checking the oil, I’m hooped. I have to rely on Ed to dumb down the details of the upgrade for me – what does that shiny thing do? Ooh, look at those little orange things! You mean I’ll be able to go FASTER? This calls for new shoes! And so on and so forth.

Even though I’m angsty at not having Oscar for TWO WHOLE DAYS (yes, that IS a tiny violin you hear), I’m excited to get him back. I’ll have to restrain myself for a while – I don’t know much about engines, but I DO know that a new cylinder has to be broken in properly. I’ll be limited to 60km/h for at least 300km, if not more. Ed promised he’ll help me break Oscar in, so if the weather holds I imagine there will be a lot of evening rides around the North Shore. Once everything is properly lubricated and broken in, then I can go fast. Hooray!

My pathetic whining at not having a scooter for two days is being met with nothing but disgust and eye rolling from the rest of the gang. I’ve had the least amount of trouble with my scooter over the past two years – in fact, this is really the first time I’ve had to go without a ride for more than one day. Ed has been without his Dio for weeks on end because of multiple snafus – Josh’s Ruckus is dead and awaiting a new carburetor – Shan’s Scarabeo was in the shop for almost 3 months last year – Sally is running intermittently and Reilly hasn’t had time to figure out what’s wrong – and that just leaves Miranda’s ride, which is fine but also hasn’t been upgraded at all (and keeps getting knocked over by idiots). I’ve been extremely lucky with Oscar, and I have to admit that I *am* nervous that this upgrade will cause some problems down the road – but I will take extra care to ensure he’s treated right and running smoothly, so I shouldn’t have anything to fear. Right? Right.

Yesterday I had at least 5 people tell me I looked just awful. It would have been very damaging to my self esteem if they weren’t so right – I looked *terrible*. I’m feeling better today – the world doesn’t seem quite as tilty as it was – but this shiny new ebola has moved into my chest, and I rattle when I breathe. It’s totally hot. How people are stopping themselves from making out with me this instant I will never know.

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