high-class nerdery

Oh look at the pretty sparkly bracelet I am wearing:



But wait – what’s that?

oh lol

oh lol

It’s an 8GB USB drive.


I am the most fabulous nerd *ever*.

14 thoughts on “high-class nerdery

  1. that is so stealth. no one would ever suspect a sparkley and girly bracelet could hide a mode of downloading documents off a computer. *insert evil laugh here*

  2. that is so amazing. you also must have rubber arms because if you’re going to stuff that into port with your arm in that position you must be real flexible.

  3. Crap, I’ve been slacking in the reading dept; when did that tatt happen?! Awesome! And it looks perfect next to your 8 gigs o’ bling! :)

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  5. i came to this website looking for delicious juice ideas and was sorely disappointed. you should not mislead people in this way. it crushes their dreams.

    • If your dreams consist of finding juice, then they kind of deserve to be crushed. Reach for the stars! Embrace life! Dream out loud!

      Now I’m going to have to write “dream crusher” all over myself and take pictures.

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