nerd score

Despite being at death’s snotty, wheezing door, I did manage to go outside yesterday and get myself a Nintendo DSi for $5.


EB is offering $100 credit towards a DSi if you trade in a DS Lite + one game. I did them several better and traded in Ed’s DS plus several games (a bunch of crappy word games, Dragon Quest V [finished], Puzzle Quest: Galactrix [I hate it], Super Mario Galaxy [sort of regretting trading this one in], and more). I ended up with $195 in trade-in credit – handy, because the DSi retails for $199 Canadian. Sweet! I had to buy a DS charger to make the trade-in work (they won’t take the system without the charger, and I actually didn’t have one because Lemon ate it) and I also picked up Rhythm Heaven (now in English! I have the Japanese version but I couldn’t figure out how to play the game so it sits on my shelf and makes me look cool), so all together I spent $55 and walked away with a shiny (not really; the systems are matte) new DSi and a ridiculous game that is incredibly challenging because I have all the rhythm of a rabid tapir on meth.

Oh, and I also sold a game to one of the EB staff because it wasn’t in their computer so I couldn’t trade it in. He gave me $10 for it, which paid for my lunch. It was a very productive Sunday.

I am not feeling any better. The doctor told me it would be at least a week before I felt human again, and being this sick for this long is fucking exhausting. My cough is actually worse now, because every little thing makes me wheeze and it turns into a deep cough and I sound just *awful*. People at work are no longer afraid of my germs; they’re laughing at them. There’s got to be a law against this.

One of the packages I picked up from the post office on Saturday was a large box of sex toys courtesy of Good Vibrations. I’ve been too sick to actually do anything with them, but I DID charge my Lelo Mia:



I am doubled over with laughter and coughing at the idea of a USB-charged sex toy. It’s very fancy and discreet – at least, it would be if I didn’t keep waving it in people’s faces shouting “LOOK AT MY VIBRATOR!” – and I can’t wait until I’ve returned from this state of undead so I may experience the glee in my pants.

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