goosebumps of awesome

The antibiotics have been working SO well that I decided to leave them at work last night to see if perhaps they could fight my infection remotely.

Strangely enough, it still seemed to work – I could breathe last night for the first time in over a week. I’ve glued the rest of the pills to my body so I can’t forget them again, and I’m starting to actually feel a little bit of hope that this plague may some day release me from the snotty, inflamed grip  of death.

Thanks to an impromptu and chilly beach BBQ last night (that’s right, everywhere else: we’re BBQing at the beach already), Oscar has successfully made it to 8500km going 60km or less. I cheated once or twice, getting up to 65 – but since my break-in period was supposed to be 200km and I actually did 243, I was secure in my need and justification for speed. He’s still performing beautifully, and with every kilometer I ride I am less scared of exploding the cylinder betwixt my legs. Now that I’m starting to feel better, I want to ride all the time and to places that are exciting and exotic (but I will settle for Richmond, because I want to go to Daiso). If nothing thrilling presents itself for the weekend of the 18th, I may have to scoot to Victoria or Bellingham.

I woke up before my alarm clock went off this morning. I tried to ignore my bladder, but my pee would not be silenced and since it was already 6:20, I just went ahead and showered. As a result, I had time to stop at Capers and pick up deliciousness on my way to work, and still get in several minutes early. I know this is not really newsworthy, but you have to understand that my anal retentive tendencies to arrive early for fun works in the exact opposite when it comes to work. I’ll show up an hour early for a good time, but hell has to practically freeze over for me to make it to work on time, let alone early.

And now I’m listening to Christmas music. I’m still asleep and dreaming, aren’t I? I KNEW being able to breathe through my nose and taste salt (not at the same time; that would be weird) was too good to be true.

I have the strongest urge to stick plastic Hello Kitty figures all over Oscar with double-sided tape. I may have to do this, especially for Sunday’s Lo-Fi Scooter Workshop (which you’re coming to, right?).

Vermont gave me goosebumps of awesome. Good on you, people.

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