is this still under warranty

Holy shit, I gone done broke my vagina.

I was planning on telling Miranda all about my broken girl parts, but she had to run out for lunch so I’m telling the internet instead. You want to know, right? Sure you do. Isn’t that why you come here? For the detailed analysis of my lady parts?

Just in case, here’s a cut.


This morning when I woke up, I had to pee like a champion. This is nothing new; 99% of the population has to pee first thing in the morning. There are funny names for it, like “piss boners”. I had several macros related to piss boners back in the day. I find them amusing.

Okay, so I had the girl equivalent of a piss boner. This time, though, as I peed, I coughed. Hard. And whatever dislodged in my chest ALSO did some damage to my pee tube, because there was sudden sharp and large pain from my DOWN THERE. It felt like a tear. Can you tear your urethra by peeing really hard? OH GOD.

Peeing post-cough hurt really bad, akin to peeing with a broken cyst (a sensation I am all too familiar with). I was annoyed but the pain went away the instant I stopped peeing, so I figured all was good and went about my morning business. I thought no more about the horrible things going on in my [random Dixieland music].

When I got to work, I drank a large bottle of water and an equally large Diet Coke. Naturally, I then had to pee.


It HURT. It hurt a LOT. I actually grasped at the metal stall walls in agonized clutchings. Also, there was blood. I am worried and convinced that I have done irreparable damage to my hoo-ha with nothing more than a particularly nasty cough.

I shouldn’t still be bleeding, either. When I HAD a period, it would normally last about 3 days and would be very mild – the pico de gallo of menstruation – not this stupid Red Sea shit I have going on right now. I need me a Moses.

After the pain subsided, I went back to my desk and immediately launched a full inquest into why my lady garden hurts so much. WebMD has helped me narrow it down to either bladder cancer or hemophilia, neither of which make me feel good at all. I don’t NEED this. Why am I so broken? Can I just put a band aid on my vagina and call it good? I have fun band aids. They have unicorns and rainbows on them.


If later adventures in pee cause me just as much pain, I’m off to see the wizard doctor. This is freaking me out a little. What if my WMD went off and is floating around in there like space junk? None of this is very good at all!


I had to edit to include this: I really do think I managed to tear my urethra, and I’m doing some research on it now. I found an article that is pretty much useless to me, because it says “the majority of urethral injuries occur in men” and goes on to cover nothing except penises – except I ran across this sentence:

Occasionally, injuries result from gunshot wounds.

Holy shit, what kind of universe does the author of this article live in that they have to specifically state that urethral injuries are sometimes caused by gunshot wounds??!

.. did I get shot in the vagina? That might explain everything!

No, no. I don’t keep the gun in the toilet. There is no way I could have been capped in the cooter.

We’ll put that one in the “maybe” pile.

12 thoughts on “is this still under warranty

  1. coughing while peeing can be dangerous … like the time that i hiccuped and sneezed at the same time and caused a vortex of evil in my windpipe. anytime there is bleeding when there shouldn’t be coming out of the cooter (ha!) region, is reason to freak out … i hope the rainbows and unicorns work.

  2. Go to the Doctor. Go today. I’m not going to tell you a scary story about someone I know, but I do have one. It might be nothing. It’s probably nothing. Just get it checked out so you can relax. k ?

  3. Maybe your body can only export from one port at a time. You peed and coughed, resulting in low pressure in your innards and your body had to bounce back to compensate. Or your urethra did.

    Will my love make things all better?

  4. Aiiiee! Yeah, my first thought was about the vag WMD thingy – could it be sorta dislodged?! Also, you DID get shot – with Ed’s love gun, as I recall from your lovely detailed post. ;)

    Erm, TMI but I’ve had post-coital bleeding and it’s just been from rowdiness. However, if you’re also getting all Moses and shit, DEF.I.NITE.LY get thee to thine doctor PRONTO, *please*. Just to check on the Red Sea and such.

    PS Where did you get rainbow and unicorn bandages?! I NEED THOSE! :D

  5. Also, I just remembered your Box O’ Goodies from Good Vibes; did you get crazy with your lelo? You’re not, um… MISSING anything, are you? Are WMD/WSDs magnetic? Sorry, that’s just where my mind goes…

    Which reminds me, it’s high time I ordered me a big box of stuffs from Come As You are, which is my fave (free shipping in Canada over $80 and they’re a co-op!).

    And keep up with the extreme details; love them, I have to admit. I’m the princess of TMI myself… so I’m told.

  6. It’s most likely a UTI.
    I had horrible abdominal cramps, nausea and near vomitting, bloody urine and major pain when urinating. I let it go too long (hate trips to the doc), but a couple days of antibiotics cleared it up. These are different antiB’s though…they’ve got sulfur in them which is supposedly more tough on UTI.

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  8. Hi I am so glad I came across your forum, the same thing happened to me in fact . I had to pee really bad first thing in the morning and had a really big sneeze needless to say it felt like something tore and aferwards there was blood. Shortly before though i had taken a trip tp the doc and was diagnosed with a bladder infection for which I was prescribed antibiotics, so far i have been using colloidal silver and clay externally and the bleeding stopped. as soon as I have to pee however it does seem as though I am being stabbed in the lady parts. I have made an appointment with my doc but if it gets any worse i am going to the e.r. Good luck

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