boo hiss

I had to cancel/postpone the Lo-Fi Scooter Workshop that was scheduled for Sunday. The weather is just not cooperating – the forecast says it’s going to be 8 degrees with a 90% chance of rain, which is just unpleasant all around. I’m really disappointed that the weather is going to be such crap, because I was really looking forward to it – hopefully the revamped version (which I think may just be a general picnic/meetup somewhere that also happens to be inundated with scooters) will go off without a hitch. It’ll definitely be a lot less formal, at any rate – I fail at planning things.

I did create a flyer for the Scooter Workshop that has a bunch of information on our particular rides. You can download it here – it’s a .PDF, and it’s meant to be a three-fold brochure type thing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy desktop publishing, so I had a bit of fun with it. Check it out, if you will – I kind of love my brochure. It’s just so .. nerdy.

Today is the only good day we’re going to see out of this weekend, so I’m going to shower and dress then go outside and ride. Oscar needs some new stickers, so I’ll decorate him like an 8-year old and be on my way.

Damn you, weather.


3 thoughts on “boo hiss

  1. Cool flier! However, can I make a suggestion?

    The ‘Contact Us’ part has too many people in it. Who do I contact? Who should I ask what questions?

    I think you need a group email, or something. :-)

    • Ooh, group email! I didn’t think of that :x I did keep all the contacts separate though, in case someone had a question about a specific scooter :D

  2. The flyer is AWESOME… cute, attention-grabbing AND informative. Well done.

    (In the interest of guiding you towards flyer perfection though, I should point out that you’ve used the US spelling of “center” & “license” rather than the Canadian “centre” & “licence”)

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