awesome at nothing

I had three days off, and I didn’t do a single errand I had planned to tackle. I almost feel as though I should pat myself on the back for my excellent display of procrastination, except that I’m pretty annoyed at myself for wasting my Sunday in such an epic fashion – I read until 5am Sunday morning, then slept until 2. I spent what was left of my day cleaning, and while I‘m glad I can see my bedroom floor again; I would still have preferred Doing Things. Of course, it wasn’t entirely my fault – I had forgotten that all stores and countries close for Easter. Nothing was open yesterday, so I couldn’t do a damn thing regardless of my sloth-like nature.

I wanted to ride Oscar all day on Friday, but that did not happen. I went outside to clean him up a little, removing some of the older stickers that were faded and peeling and replaced them with new ones. By the time I finished the restickering of my scooter, Ed and Josh were both outside and dressed and ready to go for a ride. I put on my helmet, walked around my scooter, and .. was that large empty spot *always* there on the back of my ride?

Someone had stolen my license plate at some point in the night. What the fuck! Who steals a license plate? I mean, I’m glad they didn’t do anything ELSE to Oscar, but what the fucking hell. Any plans we had to go riding were put on the back burner because we had to deal with this immediately. We rode up to London Drugs because there’s an Autoplan Center in there, and started to deal with my missing plate. After waiting in line for a million years (or about half an hour – it was surprisingly busy for a holiday Friday), I learned that the guy behind the counter wouldn’t help me until I filed a police report. He gave me the non-emergency number and I went to call the police – except before I did that, I needed to know my license plate number.

Naturally, I did not know my license plate number. I scoured the photos on my iPhone and went through my Flickr stream, while Josh did the same thing. I called Miranda, and she had Reilly go through HIS millions of photos, trying to find a picture of the rear end of my scooter. After about 15 minutes, Josh was successful – we had my plate. I called the police, spent what felt like 4 years on hold, and filed my report. I had a case number, so now I could get a replacement plate – right?

Oh, funny. First of all, the insurance guy had to get my VIN number. He ran my plates, and .. the number was wrong. So he had to call a guy, who called a guy, who looked in a database, and eventually we got my REAL plate number which we had misread from the Flickr photo Josh found. Insurance Guy wouldn’t help me until I called the police back to correct my stolen plate report, so it was back on the phone to wait for someone to get around to answering the non-emergency line. I had to call back twice because the phone was just ringing, but eventually I got through and updated my police report. Insurance Man was happy to (slowly) help me at this point, and $23 later, I had a new license plate and a copy of my insurance papers. Now we could go for a ride!

Except it was after 3 at this point, and Josh had left us to go home and prepare for his anniversary photo shoot with Shan. I hadn’t eaten anything yet, so Ed and I went out for some fish n’ chips before stopping at the hardware store for screws and a new bathtub stopper. It was very domesticated and horrible, made all the more unbearable because it was so stupid – who steals a LICENSE PLATE?!

Ed has been under the weather lately, so he spent the evening watching hockey. Everyone else ended up at the Frog in Gastown and I was feeling antsy, so I put on some clothes and headed out on Oscar to meet up with the gang. We hung out at the bar for a bit, then went to Robson Street to go to the Japanese grocery store. We bought strange candy, stood around on the street sharing said candy, then headed back to the North Shore to turn in for the evening.

Saturday was a little better. We all slept in, then went for a late breakfast at Burgoo on Lonsdale. We had been there for fondue before but never for brunch, so it was all shiny and new and fucking awesome. After a fantastic breakfast, we split up again – I was going to Do Things before we all had to get fancy and meet up again at 5:30 for dinner downtown with our new friends, Yunn and Barry.

I did not Do Things. For some reason, I felt it would be much more awesome to spend the four hours I had doing absolutely nothing. I napped, I read, I played video games. It was very productive, as far as nothing goes – but it didn’t do a damn thing on my list. Another failure! I didn’t have time to dwell on it, though – it was time to get fancy for dinner.

Yunn suggested we check out The Refinery on Granville, so a large group of us dressed up and went for eating. It was pretty interesting – not a traditional dinner-type place, it was more a selection of tapas and meats and cheeses. It was really good, even if not totally my thing (I am not big on cheeses or thinly sliced meats). We ended up hanging out in Gastown until the wee hours of the morning, then went home sleepy.

Not sleepy enough, though, as I then read until 5am.

I wish I had taken today off. I could have done all those things I didn’t do!

Next up: How Dumpster Olympics are ruining everything.

4 thoughts on “awesome at nothing

  1. I could be wrong, and this is admittedly a bit late (though perhaps useful if it happens again, or for future license-plate-losers), but I’m pretty sure your plate number is published on your insurance papers.

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