healthcare before (dumpster) olympics

People on the reserve have a fun new game: Dumpster Olympics.

At least twice over the weekend, a group of people have taken a dumpster from somewhere on the reserve and rolled it down the hill of their street to see it crash into parked cars that are NOT on the reserve. It is awesome. So far they’ve damaged four cars, shattering the back window of one of them. The last time was Sunday night – the dumpster hit a curb and tipped over. If it didn’t hit the curb, or hit it a couple inches further down, the huge bin would have fallen right on the Mazdabator. Hooray!

I am too weary to properly express my disgust over this. They’re destroying other people’s property for the sake of amusing themselves. Awesome. There’s nothing we can really do to protect ourselves – we can keep our assorted vehicles out of the line of dumpster fire, but that’s only good until their next bout of bored, drunken creativity. Perhaps it is time to look into vigilantism. I bet I could make myself a cape, and I have some masks I could use. I’m scary, right? I could totally intimidate drunk/high people twice my size!

I will be really fucking choked if our car gets hit. We’ve already been boot-hatted twice, AND we just paid the stupid thing off – let us enjoy the whole “no car-related debt” thing for a couple months before we have to pay to fix other people’s “fun”.

People *suck*. I feel badly for the people who got hit. I’ve heard that one of the damaged cars was brand new; less than a week old. Seriously, what drives people to do this kind of stuff? Am I missing an entire chapter from my genetic makeup; the part that would make me want to hurt others for absolutely no reason? Ugh. So much uncool.

In other news, I’m thinking of scooting to Bellingham this weekend just to see if I can.

it is 906 and you are listening to los angeles

it is 906 and you are listening to los angeles

20 thoughts on “healthcare before (dumpster) olympics

  1. I’d totally help out with the vigilaitics. I’ve got a black belt and everything! I’d need a costume though. No capes though, I learned my lesson from The Incredibles.

  2. I didn’t realize our living on their land meant they were allowed to destroy my things for no reason other than “this used to be my land”. What are the odds that the drunken vandals feel justified in doing it because “well, it was our land once” and not because they’re assholes?

  3. I think it’s interesting, but not really all that surprising, that you make an effort to point out that it’s “people on the reserve” and not “people up the street”.

    • .. because they’re NOT up the street, they’re on the reserve. Our street runs parallel to the reserve. South side is not reserve land. North side is reserve land. The dumpster came from the reserve, and most likely was pushed down the hill by people from the reserve. Maybe they were white. Maybe they were Asian or black or German or transsexual. I didn’t actually call out who did it, just that they were probably from the reserve where the dumpster was.

      I’m not quite sure what you’re implying, but it’s not cool.

  4. To Jen – There’s nothing factually inaccurate in her post. I’m not sure how/why you took offense to what was written. Should she have said Squamish land instead of ‘the reserve’? Maybe left out the material fact that it’s native land altogether?

  5. Yeah I’m not sure any soap box standing or flag waving is needed… I think Kimli was just pointing out that it was from the reserve across the street which is significant being that it’s a different type of land. Would be no different than if across the street was a park, a strip mall, or an industrial zone, etc. and was inhabited with park/mall/industrial type people, and pointing that out :)

  6. I think the specification was necessary simply because it could just as easily have been the assholes from upstairs instead of the assholes across the street doing the dumpster-rolling, both sets of whom have been featured on this website due to their various feats of assholishness in the past. If you’d visited the apartment, you’d know that the reserve property is pretty huge and, well, it’s right there – there’s nothing ELSE across the street. I suppose “the people inhabiting various domiciles located somewhere within the large swath of land across from our apartment” would work, butit robs the narrative of its panache somewhat, don’t you think?

  7. Hello,

    Kimli, in the first line of your post, you wrote, “people from the reserve…”. Then, in your response was to me that they were “… probably from the reserve”. You made an effort to blame Indigenous persons for this stupid act of stupidness right from the get-go. And I called you out on it. That’s all.

    Stupid people do stupid acts of vandalism and they come from a wide range of ancestries. Why you choose to only identify when they are “Reserve people” and everyone else gets to be everyone else is just one of those things I get to tolerate.

    I’m happy to never post a comment on your blog ever again if that makes you and everyone else feel better.

    Kindest regards,


  8. You don’t live in our neighborhood, so you can’t accurately comment on anything that happens.
    Did we actually see people of indigenous blood push the dumpster from way up the hill in the heart of Squamish land? No.
    Did it happen two nights in a row? Yes.
    Do we have a special detachment of RCMP and First Nations peacekeepers assigned to our neighbourhood to keep an eye on the huge number of bored teens that terrorize the street and cause massive amounts of property damage? Yes.
    Is that racist? No. It’s fact. They just happen to be native. Oh no!

  9. As a person who lives next to a reserve and saw the absolute tragedy that became of the land they were given back from the Canadian military, I can totally agree with you 100% on who likely perpetrated this incident. However the PC dork in me has to say that unless you actually saw who did it, then it probably isn’t a good idea use that qualifier to describe them. Even then it is kind of faux pas…

    However, it is your blog so you can do post as you please and I would totally hate it if you restrained yourself.

    Just my thoughts.

  10. Special treatment of minorities is its own form of racism (though, granted, not as bad). If everyone is to be treated equal then nobody should be exempt from being accused of criminal behaviour. Kimli isn’t saying anything bad about natives in general, or saying that these particular natives are bad because they are natives. These guys are destroying property, and breaking the law, and they happen to live on the reserve.

    In an equal society, they have as much right as anyone else to be called out as hoodlums, so let’s grant them that right, shall we?

  11. “People on the reserve” was what described the people in the incident. Since the dumpsters came from on the reserve then it was people that had access to it that moved it… making them people on the reserve. I don’t see the issue. That sucks that these people are getting away with such destruction. I hope your property stays safe. <3

  12. I hate to drag this on, but how come no one jumped to the defence of the skater kid neighbours when you mentioned their parties, brawls, and antics. It was obvious age and sport discrimination. I also cannot recall anyone calling you out for your naming aquaman as your suspect in the door-shelling incident. What is he, a fish? you showed obvious anti-fish bias there.

  13. maybe the time complaining/arguing about semantics would be put to better use by actively petitioning the government for better treatment of aboriginal people, education and sensitivity programs etc

    • I’m all for better education, but why should it be up to the government to teach ANYONE common decency? My parents sucked, yet I still somehow learned that it’s not okay to be a dick for the sake of my own amusement. Is an expensive government program really needed to tell people “you shouldn’t break car windows with a golf club because you’re bored”? Would it do any good? I’m honestly asking, here. In large cities, do those “inner city youth programs” you hear about on the news teach this stuff? I don’t know that I can wrap my head about the concept that this is something that needs to be explained to people.

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