one (replacement) ring to bind them

Okay, internet – I need some suggestions.

It’s been over three months since I lost my wedding ring, and I’m beginning to feel that it will never surface again. The house has been cleaned top to bottom numerous times and I haven’t found it – normally when I misplace things, they’re found again relatively quickly because I’m really anal retentive about it. When frantic house cleaning didn’t turn up my ring, I decided to play it cool and just go about my regular business in the hopes that it would show up. No luck, and now I have no wedding band.

Sadly, I think it’s time to replace it. Since I have to get a new ring anyway, I’m thinking about getting something different. As much as I loved my original ring, I don’t want the same kind in case it shows up one day – so I’ll use this opportunity to look at different ring styles.

This is where you guys come in. I need some suggestions or recommendations of where to look – local would be nice, but I don’t mind buying online if I find something perfect. I’m looking for interesting, affordable, and something that suits my (depressing, racist) lifestyle perfectly. Any ideas?

I probably don’t need to put this disclaimer out there, but I am nothing if not paranoid: I am not racist, and I sincerely hope I am not depressing. I’ve been called both this week, and I am not so un-self-centered that it threw me for a loop (the first obviously more than the second). True to form, both things have become a running joke between me and Josh – he will say something innocent, I will accuse him of racism, and he will tell me my blog is depressing. It is all good. But I’m not racist, okay? Using adjectives is not racist. Describing an environment is not racist. Hot Topic is not punk rock. I don’t think I’ve had a truly racist thought in my entire life, let alone on the internet for everyone to see. I just don’t have time to hate.

Except for Aquaman.

Fish men are fucking dicks.

Today is Friday, so I will leave you with a hilarious cake. I am not a Twilight fan, but this made me laugh very, very hard:

this is might be better than getting optimus prime

this is might be even better than outing optimus prime

9 thoughts on “one (replacement) ring to bind them

  1. I’m gonna blog about these guys later this month – as you perhaps know, I lost my engagement ring last year and the cost to replace is it prohibitive. So this is where my new engagement ring is coming from:

    I know they’re in the US – but I appreciate their ring philosophy and they have some pretty stuff. Plus, they love Anne of Green Gables!! Which I understand is probably just my thing…

    In other news, now I’m DYING FOR ICE CREAM CAKE.

  2. I love Object Design Gallery on Granville Island. My engagement ring and Paul’s wedding ring came from there, and I have two other rings that Paul got for me from there as well. They have all sorts of stones, materials, and a nice range of prices.

  3. If it makes you feel better, from a strictly sociological standpoint (of a certain persuasion) you couldn’t be racist even if you tried. As a minority yourself you lack the structural power to pull it off. The worst you could do is be prejudiced. And let’s face it, everyone’s prejudiced. I fucking hate mushrooms. But I am also white and highly educated so I can be prejudiced AND racist against mushrooms.

    Plus your blog makes me happy, so I don’t think you’re depressing.

  4. I’m not racist, I hate everyone the same! Especially the Dutch …

    Does your tenants insurance not cover such things? We have/had a clause in ours that covers ‘spontaneous disappearance’, for example if a piece of jewelry is lost, or if we forget our camera at the beach. This was not extra, but rather standard in our basic policy.

    • Oh weird – I never thought of that. Maybe? To be honest though, it’d be a close call anyway. My wedding band was not expensive, and there’s a real danger that the deductible would be as much as or more than the value of the ring itself.

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