sort of broken

It seems I unintentionally picked an excellent day to have nothing to say – my DNS is broken. Half the planet can see my website, the other half cannot. For example:

  • I can access it from work, but not from home
  • It’s working on Darren’s side of Richmond, but not Jen’s
  • Half a block away it’s working great
  • It won’t load in Florida or Texas, but Arizona is fine
  • Alberta and Nova Scotia are OK, Commercial Drive and New Westminster are not

Wacky! I hope it’ll be fixed soon. I don’t like it when things are broken.

I feel like I should have some sort of secret to share with the people who actually CAN see this. Um .. let’s see. Secrets I haven’t already told .. oh, I know. A few weeks ago I accidentally stole a tube of lip balm from London Drugs because the girl didn’t see it roll into the bag. I saw it fall in, but I thought she had already scanned it – it wasn’t until I looked at the recipet later that night that I realized my criminal ways. The secret is that I don’t feel all that guilty, because the checkout girl was a total bitch. Does this make me a bad person?

I’m clearly not afraid of being caught with smooth, glossy contraband lips – I went back to the same London Drugs last night to pick up my new lens:

There is a lot of stuff on my desk.

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