counting my cabbage

ale and whores for everyone!

ale and whores for everyone!

I emptied my puggy bank this morning to try to string together a float for tomorrow. The last time I counted, there was $42 or so in there – today, there was $185.91. Nice. I’m rich!

I’m having myself a quiet morning before the opera tonight. I woke up feeling kind of blue, so I’m just chilling out and crafting and counting money. I don’t know what I’m wearing tonight – I should probably figure that out sometime soon. The forecast is calling for rain but I’m still planning on scooting to the Opera – there’s a hockey game going on tonight 2 blocks from the theatre, which means parking the Mazdabator would be an exercise in frustration. Oscar will fit almost anywhere, so I’ll just try to dress waterproofly. Worst case scenario sees me in layers – I can strip the plastic pants off when I get there.

I knew I should have bought that Gore-Tex dress.

One thought on “counting my cabbage

  1. If you have loonies left over I’ll buy them off you: I need them for laundry. Loonies and quarters, but I seem to run out of loonies more often.

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