say yes to chlamydia

I answered the call of duty (Canadian style; it involves cupcakes) to exercise my democratic right this morning – I voted for some person and also for BC STDs. It seems sort of detrimental to me to purposefully ask for STDs, but the commercials make a good argument – if we have to have STDs, wouldn’t you rather spread it around so everyone suffers instead of just you?

I really don’t know what’s worse – getting into an elevator first thing in the morning with fresh off the line smokers, or someone carrying a fragrant pot of chili. It’s 8am. It is too early for chili.

Today is Shan’s birthday! We are taking her out for delicious hipster sushi at her favourite restaurant. It will be a good time. Hooray for Shan!

I am in a tizzy. A real tizzy! I have a million things to do and no time to do it in. AHH!

I do, however, have time to book additional vacation days for the year.

We leave in 4 days and I am SO EXCITED !

8 thoughts on “say yes to chlamydia

  1. LOVE the eatery! damn, now you got me jones’ing too! your gal shan is going to have a wonderful dinner! and yay to san fran! only 4 more sleeps! i’d be jumping out of my skin!

  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. Everyone should know about these things. I enjoy learning new things so I subscribe to blogs like yours. Hugh

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