almost time

By this time tomorrow, I will be 24 hours closer to being on vacation.

We leave in just 3 sleeps. My clothes are packed – in fact, I’ve packed twice and just this morning realized I packed too much, and will have to pack again. I still need to gather toiletries and electronics; both vitally important. I’ve printed maps, our guide book is heavy with Post-It Flags of the things we want to see, and I know where my passport is.

I am ready for San Francisco.

Have I mentioned that I am excited? I am SO EXCITED! Oh man. I can’t fucking wait.

I’m about to leave the office for 10 days, but that didn’t stop me from booking additional vacation days yesterday. My mom is going in for cataract surgery in July, and wants me to come over to help her out for a few days. I’ll be scooting to the island after work on a Wednesday and using my mom’s car to do her bidding while I’m there, and spending the rest of my time freaking out the squares on my scooter. As well, Ed and I are going to PAX in September so I took a few days off for that. I actually don’t know how many vacation days I’ve taken/have left – Frivolous Kimli Time booked between now and September accounts for 10 of my 15 days. I’ve already taken a few days this year, so .. I’m probably down to one or two days left. Crap. I shall have to use them sparingly.


Comment spam is usually incoherent and sometimes amusing, but this is hands down the creepiest comment spam I’ve ever seen: “Let’s look at your throat.” NO! I don’t care if you’re a vampire, serial killer, scarf fetishist or a dapper gentleman from the gay 1880’s – my swan-like neck is not for you to devour with your eyes/teeth/hands/rusty butcher knife!

Speaking of butchers, don’t forget to get your FREE MEAT today: between 4pm and 6pm, be on the lookout for (non-creepy) butchers at commuter stations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax for your coupon! After all, meat is awesome – it can only stand to reason that FREE MEAT is even better.


One thought on “almost time

  1. and if you and ed are breakfast people, i have to recommend mama’s over on stockton and filbert, right across washington square park in north beach. but if you dare to go there on the weekend, prepare for couple of hours wait. serious line up around the block i’ve been told.

    and if you’re mobile and all into being one with nature, may i recommend muir woods? remember the speeder bike chase scene in return of the jedi? looks like that. and very ewoks village vibe-ish.

    you’re gonna have a blast!

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