how am i?

  • I’m afraid of Americans
  • I’m confused
  • I’m just a girl
  • I’m not a model
  • I’m not okay
  • I’m on a boat
  • I’m with you
  • I’ve got my love to keep me warm
  • I bet it stung
  • I can’t take it
  • I constantly thank god for esteban
  • I could say
  • I don’t care
  • I don’t like Mondays
  • I don’t love you
  • I don’t remember
  • I feel fine
  • I hate you
  • I hate your blog
  • I heart fags
  • I know what I am
  • I love how you love me
  • I love myself today
  • I miss you
  • I need all the friends I can get
  • I never told you what I do for a living
  • I only eat candy
  • I only want to be with you
  • I think I have a chance with this guy
  • I want to be alone
  • I want you
  • I want you so hard
  • I want you to want me
  • I want you, but I don’t need you
  • I was married
  • I was wrong
  • I will follow you into the dark
  • I will survive
  • I won’t be left
  • I write the songs

I am trying to INVENT A MEME! Actually, I needed to sort my iPhone music alphabetically and I was amused by all the “I ..” titles and I thought they made a good story. Try it for yourself – open up your music and sort it by name, and find out how you’re feeling today.

Then credit it back to me; I need love.

7 thoughts on “how am i?

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  2. I have the same problem Shannon has. Is there a quick little app that will dump all the songs in a playlist or something into a text file so I don’ t have to manually type everything in, and/or so that I can just delete the ones I don’t care to admit owning?

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