too busy to make nice

Work is kicking my ass. You’d think there would be nothing for me to do what with being gone for 11 days, but nooooo. People keep asking me for things, and then I have to do stuff. Don’t they know I’m busy trying to figure out my life? Piss off. Your routers can go die in a fire.

I think I need to disconnect for a little while. Funny stuff coming from someone who can’t pee without checking her email, but every little thing involving other people – any people, actually – is pissing me off and making me cranky. Things like Twitter can be great for looking out at the world, but it’s also a shocking view at how shallow and self absorbed some people can be. When I get in moods like this I just want to shake people and yell nasty things at them – you, over there: you’re a sloppy unattractive drunk who dresses poorly and is not nearly the hot shit you think you are. And you – you’re a jerk and those quotes make you look like a pretentious ass. That one person over there: you’re a complete snob with an undeserved superiority complex – seriously, get over yourself. And YOU – your shock value Tweets are pathetic, no one cares about your boobs OR your blog, and stop whining already; it’s no wonder you’re unpopular amongst people you can’t stand anyway.

Okay, that last one was me.

It’s the routers that are making me this catty. I don’t normally feel like this – I try to like or at least be apathetic about most people, but today .. I just need a do over. Or some alcohol. Maybe I can borrow some from the drunk.

I should scoot to the Sunshine Coast this weekend!

4 thoughts on “too busy to make nice

  1. I was just going to say that last person sounds mighty interesting and I want to look at their Twitter. OH YOU!

    Everyone gets those times. Try to hate one less person tomorrow, it’ll help.

  2. I know I can always count on you to make me laugh. Do you want my job? I’m actively looking for my replacement.

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