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I did some heavy thinking last night, and came to the (obvious to others) conclusion that I have too much stuff.

That makes me sound a lot more noble than my ulterior motives really are, but I’m comfortable with the white lie if you are.

The end result is that I am selling my beloved Squee PC. I just don’t use it enough to warrant keeping it, so I’m hoping it’ll go to someone who’ll love it as I did.

The specs are as follows:

  • ASUS EEE PC 701 4G
  • 4GB SS Drive
  • 1GB RAM (upgraded from 512)
  • 7” screen
  • Weighs about 2 pounds
  • Wireless, webcam, speakers, etc

I’m also throwing in a few extras: an 8GB SD card, an extra power supply, and the super fancy red leather case. I did install WinXP on it, but you can change that easily enough – one of my coworkers managed to get OSX running on his.

I’m asking $350 for it, and I will ship it places if you’re willing to pay for the shipping. Email me if you’re interested! I really do love the Squee PC, but I don’t need that AND a MacBook – something’s gotta go, perhaps to YOU.

3 thoughts on “buy my stuff

  1. Alas, I cannot utilize two of the little buggers, but to anyone who is thinking about it… My little PC has been awesome for use in my kitchen. I use it to look up recipes, cooking techniques, and to IM my husband when I’m too lazy to go downstairs to get him and I’m elbow deep in half-chopped produce. It’s a great thing to have. Buy Kimli’s Squee PC!

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