for serious

My robo-ID interview is on Monday, at which point I’ll also be renewing my driver’s license. I’ve been waiting for this day for *years* – each time I had go to ICBC, I tried to get them to re-take my license picture. Hell, even when I got them to issue me a new one because they fucked up and tried to declare me blind when I’m not, they wouldn’t play along. This time though, they have no choice. I’m going to get a new license photo, and I’m going to see what they’ll let me get away with.

Sadly, I don’t think it’ll be a lot. I’ve heard rumours that they’re trying to enforce the “no smiling” rule of passports. I know hats aren’t allowed, so I won’t get to wear my jester hat or tie-dyed wimple. Hell, the new photos are even done in black and white so my elaborate rainbow of sparkly makeup will be moot. I haven’t given up hope, though – there’s got to be SOMETHING I can do to make life more interesting.

I’m hoping that, at the very least, I can get away with wearing something fun in my hair. I hate it when things aren’t interesting.

I have a challenge! I’m going to try to write something for serious! I’m At My Limit with regards to the way the City of Vancouver treats people who are attempting to go a little greener in ways that do not line the transit coffers with daily cash. Vancouver claims to be all green and progressive and eco-friendly, but that only applies to people who take the bus – fuck the rest of us. A lot of major cities who toot their own horns far less than we do are making huge strides in alternative parking – Toronto is so far ahead of us we might as well be in Balzac, Alberta – yet Vancouver insists on punishing us at every opportunity. I’m going to Write a Letter – to the City, the newspaper, the Transportation Minister, and anyone else I can think of – about this issue. And if I want to be taken seriously and not just written off as the crackpot I am, I have to write for serious. I don’t do serious often (or ever), so this’ll be interesting and challenging. Can I get my point across without pop culture references and bizarre hyperbole? Will my passion and dedication still ring true when I can’t describe myself as “fucking awesome”? Can I write a coherent editorial without breaking into song? I have my doubts, but I have to try.

I am glad it is Friday.

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