kimli: 1; fake kimli: 0

At 9:01pm last Friday night, I was at the pub with the gang. Instead of our usual conversation and beer (water) drinking, we were staring intently at our iPhones with much more dedication than usual. Facebook was about to open up the enticing world of user names, and we wanted in.

Everyone gave up on getting their first name except me – I was going to get, or else. I knew I had a fairly good chance as it’s not a common name, but I also knew that my name is highly prized amongst lawful good night elf ranger dwarf priestesses – I had to act fast.

So, I did. I swept in and scooped my first name as my user name – everyone else settled for their nicknames – and all was right with the world.

This morning I woke up to an email:

Subject: Just amused.

You ALWAYS get to use “Kimli” before I do! haha!

Granted, it is your real name and so I should step back, but even so!

OWNED. OWNIE OWNED OWNERSON OWNED. I know her – she’s the one most guilty of using my name online for RPG/LARP/MMO purposes, and exactly the reason I acted so fast to get my name online. MINE! MY NAME! I rolled a natural 20 and cast magic missile on your epically mounted ASS!

I am pleased with myself. Pleased as punch.

8 thoughts on “kimli: 1; fake kimli: 0

  1. I got my name to! Screw you christian kid from California Jonathan Sauter. Also, screw you race car driver Jonny Sauter.

    I WIN.

  2. And won’t he/she be pissed to learn that it is not actually your name!!!!

    Score one for “realer-than”fake Kimli”-but-still-fake” Kimli!

  3. I managed to get mpollard before my brother Matt or any other pretenders to the throne could snap it up. I am also thankful that character actor Michael J. Pollard exists so that I am fairly ungoogleable.

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