oh it’s on

I had an incredible weekend – I am beside myself with exhaustion and good times – but right now I am TOO OUTRAGED TO WRITE ABOUT IT:


Okay, that’s not so bad if a little ballsy – “wondering how you got my name”? It’s cute if their world is so small that people never have the same name as anyone else, but maybe they’re new to the internet. After all, I was the only Kimli I knew for the longest time too.

Then this happened:

it is now the aforementioned on

I have to admit, my reply to the two of them wasn’t the most tactful I’ve ever been:

as a matter of fact i AM all that

To be fair, I just woke up and I thought the snooty one was this Kimli. Still, my reply was kind of (really) bitchy. I think my name is going to my head – it’s such an awesome name, after all – but I was just sort of taken aback by the whole “how did you get MY name” “yeah she always takes the username first” exchange. I mean .. it’s my name too. I have a right to it, and I’ve been on the internet forever. I long stopped using my gaming name as my online footprint, and I don’t want to make another identity for myself – this is who I am. It’s my name. Of course I’m going to use it.

Besides, it’s not my fault you jump on bandwagons 3 years after the rest of the internet.

Sorry, sorry. Still tired.

.. and sometimes it’s just plain fun to be bitchy.


4 thoughts on “oh it’s on

  1. This may amuse you: I decided to test the “Google it” theory and started to type your name in. My Google suggestions came up with “kardashians.”

    Perhaps there’s a future for you in reality TV?

  2. LOL – Kimli the 1st? What kind of lame statement about not getting the @kimli username is that? And “she always takes that username”… SHE. Some people…

    Actually came to your blog from Twitter to ask: How you got my “likes”… because though I figure there are lots of scooter driving, diet coke drinking, video game playing, tech and blogging fans out there (which I am, though I don’t blog near as often anymore) I have never found one before. And I am delighted that I have. :)

    Truly… you have impeccable taste.

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