evil crepes! run away!

I was so caught up in playing Nancy Drew yesterday in the Case of the iPhone Price Discrepancy that I completely forgot to squee about my birthday.

The 169th day of the year was a good one. I got a surprise cake at work, and then the best present ever – Renee was in town for a conference, and came to the North Shore for some birthday Thai and toilet paper. I haven’t seen ‘nee in a couple years, so she was an extra special birthday treat! Now, if she would just move back here from Ontario ..

It was a good birthday. After having all the fun in the universe on Sunday, the actual day of getting older was pretty low key. That was fine though, as I hadn’t slept the night before and zombied my way through the day. I fought the urge to nap when I got home (people already make fun of me for my nappish tendencies, and the last thing I needed on the day I got older was to do something that old people enjoy) and instead decorated Darth Lola with some stickers until Renee came over.  Dinner was awesome and delicious, and good times were had all over the place.

My birthday extended through to yesterday – after I spent much of my day fighting with The Man to get myself a new phone for a fair price, I went out with some co-workers for beer and melted cheeses. There was inappropriateness and cake, both of which provided a much-needed lift for the end of the longest week in history, even with all the birthday fun.

This morning was not as good, though. I woke up with the worst headache I think I’ve ever had – it felt like I was dying, passing out, throwing up, eating a hot lettuce and processed cheese sandwich and bleeding out my eye holes, all at the same time. It took a great deal of Extreme Strength Advil before I was able to sit upright without swooning, and I’m still not feeling 100%. This doesn’t bode well for today’s activity – clean the house – but I *might* be feeling well enough after a shower to go outside and scoot around our newly-dry day.

Actually, what I should do is clean myself up then go birthday shopping. Miranda and Reilly gave me a gift certificate for Planet Claire, and I can’t *wait* to check the place out and get myself something fabulous. That’s more important than house cleaning, I think – who cares about dirty dishes when there’s fabulous on the line?

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