head out on the highway

Shan and I and half of Josh went on an epic ride yesterday:

martini check points

martini check points

Josh has a bunch of days off and decided to take his new motorcycle down south for a couple days. Shan and I thought this sounded like fun, so we rode along with him as far as Bellingham. After a delicious lunch at Mi Mexico, Josh continued south towards Oregon while Shan and I went to Trader Joe’s and Target before heading back home. The ride out was fantastic, but we hit a storm on the way back with crazy winds and rain – it sucked, but being able to ride with the speed of traffic was pretty damn awesome. Many ccs for the win!

The blue line is the route we took to the states, and the pink line is our return route. We took the Aldergrove crossing for the first time yesterday, then cut across H Street Road in Washington to return via the Pacific-X Truck Crossing. Total ride: 213.7km, and one thing checked off my “Adventures to Have” list. Hooray!

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