like an onion

Did you know you could wear more than one shirt at a time? Until last night, I had no idea. Today, though, I am delighted to announce that I have learned the fine art of LAYERING.

I bought a couple of very cute tops at Target this weekend, but was a little hesitant to wear them in public (especially after my Extreme Wardrobe Malfunction of last Friday). As I wondered if I’d ever be able to wear the shirts in public and still keep a tiny sliver of decorum and decency, a tiny light bulb went off over my head. What if .. what if, instead of wearing JUST this shirt, I wore another shirt under it? One that doesn’t expose my nipples if I breathe? This could work. By gum, it could totally work!

So, I did just that. I am wearing TWO SHIRTS, one over the other. I’m still showing enough skin to be true to myself, but at the same time, you can’t see anything I should technically charge you for. Layering is awesome! I should do it more often!

For the longest time, I resisted using my iPhone as a gaming device. I know, it’s pretty backwards of me given that I am all games all the time – but seriously, the last thing I needed was to add even more games to my already over-crowded “must play” list.

However, I recently changed my mind for several reasons. I’m still hoping that someday my 32GB iPhone will manifest itself in my pants, which means I won’t need to horde free space as much as I’m currently doing. I could buy all the games I want and still have room for many days worth of music – and when the games cost between $.99 and $5.99, suddenly owning every decent game available isn’t such a terrible idea (unlike when I attempted to do the same on the Nintendo DS – $40 times this list is catastrophic and let’s not talk about it).

The biggest reason I’ve been using my iPhone as a gaming device has nothing to do with available space and attractive pricing, though. It’s not even my mostly forgotten New Year’s Resolution of “buy fewer games”, as noble as that was. No, it’s simply because Nintendo – of the so very many excellent games – has completely and utterly failed me this year, delivering at most one or two “must have” ’09 titles to date.

At this time last year, I was still knee-deep in lust for The World Ends With You and my pre-ordered title list was several pages long. It’s almost July, and my list currently has ZERO pre-orders on it – and of the ones I’ve picked up (4, down from about 20), only 2 are really worth playing. What’s the deal? Where are all the excellent games? Did all the effort go into squeezing out the DSi instead of making quality titles? I am bored with my DS, and that is making me extremely grumpy.

I have hope. There are some titles coming out later this year that I am incredibly excited for; even more so because there’s been nothing to get my squee on about lately. The new Professor Layton title launches in August; there’s a new Zelda game (I don’t care what the haters say; I loved Phantom Hourglass) coming out; a new Phoenix Wright game that doesn’t star Phoenix Wright (a refreshing change; the Ace Attorney game of last year was better than the previous 4 PW titles); Scribblenauts (which looks just awesome); a new Mario & Luigi RGP; Kingdom Hearts 365/2 .. I have hope that the titles will stop sucking soon. There is only so much Scrabble I can play, you know.

Fake Thursday is awesome times!

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