number one with a bullet (point)

I hate doing this, but I’ve got so much floating around in my head at the moment that I can’t stop to sort it all out into elegant prose. It’s time for another Series of Random Thoughts Presented in Bullet Points!

  • I woke up today with an incredible headache so I opted to drug myself and attempt to sleep it off. Sure, I’ve been away from the office since last Tuesday – what’s one more day?
  • .. and while I was gone, layoffs were announced! Awesome! This sudden blinding panic does little to relieve my throbbing headache!
  • The postcards I sent last week are starting to arrive – hooray! I hope they all make their intended destinations. I had a great time writing them, and still have more available – if you didn’t get your name in, drop me a line at kimli at delicious juice dot com for your very own personalized saucy postcard from Canada!
  • I’m selling my iPhone 3G – it’s black, 8GB, perfect condition, contract-free. $275 obo; email me if interested.
  • My EEE PC is still available, as is Oscar – people should buy my stuff.
  • Yesterday was Josh’s birthday and we celebrated with a frosty BBQ at the beach and dinner at La Casita in Gastown. Delicious good times for all!
  • Just because Lola CAN go 120km/h+ doesn’t mean she SHOULD – I don’t like going that fast on a scooter, no matter how gloriously solid she is. Scary.
  • I would really really like this headache to go away
  • I really really hope I still have a job
  • Being at mom’s house stresses me out – in addition to a broken brain, I have a zit
  • sucks all the ass in the world. I placed an order on May 31st for one pair of boots and one pair of shoes. All of June went by with no shoes, so I emailed them – twice – to inquire about my order. No answer, and no shoes. I was looking up some information on how to do a chargeback with my bank when I noticed that they actually refunded me the cost of the boots (which were the ones I really wanted), with no email or explanation. The remaining pair of shoes arrived on July 10th, after being shipped on July 1st – why the fuck did they sit on my order for an entire month before sending it? Why didn’t they answer my emails? Why wasn’t I given an alternate option for the boots (I would have taken another colour)? Shan purchased from in April, and received her order in 3 weeks with no issues whatsoever (although they didn’t answer HER inquiry email either). I’ll never, ever order from them again – is a bad place to buy shoes. Don’t do it.
  • Someone keeps calling my phone and asking for Ben. I am not Ben. Please stop calling.
  • I promise I will return to real sentences and paragraphs tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “number one with a bullet (point)

  1. OMG, I think I might buy your iPhone. Still contemplating the Squee PC (glad for ME that it’s still available, need phone more right now.) Is it jailbroken?

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