Lola’s got pride!

leg warmers are for all reasons

leg warmers are for all reasons

If my Sunday goal was to make myself as uncomfortable as possible, I had an excellent day.

Ed and I went for a scooter ride. We had planned to go somewhere new and interesting, but neither of us were really feeling up to an epic ride so we went to an old favourite: Iona Beach in Richmond. The tide was out, so we wandered through the grassland area and ate blackberries. The grass was itchy, or so I thought: it turns out I was being eaten alive. We were there for less than an hour, and I came away with over a dozen bug bites for my troubles. I am itchy and grumpy.

But wait! There’s more! Like the genius I am, I completely forgot to put on sunscreen. When I got home, I realized the error of my ways via my two bright red arms and chest. I burned myself to a crisp, donated most of my blood to man-eating insects, and forgot to buy Diet Coke. I am thirsty, itchy, bright red and sore. OW!

At least it’s a holiday today. I think I’ll bathe myself in sunscreen and venture outside again.

BOOGIDY BOOGIDY! Ill scare your dad!

BOOGIDY BOOGIDY! I'll scare your dad!

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