no day but tuesday

I woke myself up this morning by a) scratching myself bloody, and b) being attacked by Lemon. It was then that I realized that I also had an incredible headache; the kind that makes you want to throw up when you move your head because you can feel your brain matter shifting around like your skull is some sort of cerebral washing machine and you’ve got an unbalanced load. It is not a good start to the week.

I don’t have time for a headache, though. I have a very busy day ahead of me: today I am storming the castle, potentially doing some confrontation, and going to the theatre.

I found out several months ago that a local theatre company was putting on a production of RENT. I was very excited – I’ve been a huge fan since I saw the original cast perform on Letterman (something that may have happened only in my mind, as I can’t find any reference of it anywhere) – but then I learned that the theatre they’re playing at is only two blocks from my house, so I did a little dance of glee.

Ed doesn’t share my soft wet spot for musical theatre, but I bought two tickets for the opening night thinking I could probably talk someone into coming with me. Shan took me up on the offer, so tonight we’re going to RENT it up. I’m terribly excited about this; I *love* RENT. In fact, RENT heavily played into a very important decision that might have completely changed who I am today.

In 1996, I got a fairly large (and ultimately ill-gotten) tax return from the government. I planned to do one of two things with it: upgrade my computer so I could stay playing these new-fangled “video games”, or take a solo trip to New York to see RENT.

I was really torn between these two things, but eventually decided to go the computer route. This led me into the seedy world of online gaming, Quake clans, and LAN parties – where I met Ed, ran away to Calgary, and got married. What would have happened if I decided my love of RENT was stronger than my inherent and deep-seeded nerdiness? What kind of person would I have been? Would I still be in Victoria, working for the government? It’s actually kind of eerie to think about – I could be a completely different person, and THEN what? You could be reading another vapid mommy blog RIGHT NOW! Instead of Fleshlight reviews, there’d be diaper reviews! Pictures of the precious fruits of my loins instead of the loins themselves! Cute little pastel calendars that plot the status of my womb growth! AHHHH!

I scared myself there.

This week is going to be a crazy one. RENT tonight, baseballs tomorrow, the first Thriller rehearsal on Thursday, bubbles on Sunday – I should be able to sleep by Friday, I think. I like having things to do.

If only I could figure out what to do about the confrontation.

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