i fight crime

I’m the passive-aggressive Batman!

Drunk Bettie came home wasted last night. We can tell when she’s been drinking, because she gets loud and confrontational. She and the Admiral have been up for some time, being loud and stumbling around their apartment (in addition to mumbling out the window to the firemen outside – long story). Ed looked out our peephole to see why they were in the hallway, and noticed that they left their apartment door wide open and stumbled out the front door to the car.

We watched for a bit as Drunk Bettie warbled on about the flowers in the yard and her depression and how hard she works every day and took 3 minutes to figure out how to light her cigarette. We heard her say they were going to Sailor Hagar’s, a bar a couple blocks from here. She managed to get the car door open, fell into the driver’s seat, and they pulled away.

Then I called the cops!

I used the zoom on Ed’s camera to get the Admiral’s plate number, and called the RCMP on their drunken asses. I probably won’t hear the outcome of this, unless the cop lets on that it was me who ratted her out. If I was dressed, I would scoot down to the bar to watch. As it is, I’ll probably just go find her cat and put her back in the apartment and shut the door – not because I think anyone would steal anything, but because I wouldn’t want her cat to escape the building.

Drunks are pathetic, but drunk drivers are a special brand of evil unto themselves.

I’ve been tempted to call the cops on them before, but this is the first time I’ve actually done it. I hope they get their cars taken away before they hurt someone.


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