emo power

It’s been really quiet around here lately – it feels like I’m talking to myself. I’ve also been waking up sad for the last week or so, and feeling kind of lonely. Add everything together, and I am one glum chum. It’s most likely the weather – I don’t mind the cooler days and rain, but the sun gives me a happy that I could really use right now.

Is there anybody out there?

10 thoughts on “emo power

  1. “Emo” ewwwww! I didn’t think I’d ever read that E word here.

    So how do you get cat hair out of your mouth?

  2. I’m alive and kicking! Still around! Somewhat poorer lately but still around.

    I am curious about something though: the automatically generated “Possibly related posts”…. are they supposed to point to other blogs that aren’t this one?

  3. I miss you now that I am far from you. But you should come to Kelowna because it seems to be hot and sunny all the time.

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