open your house to me

After my insane week at work, I was very much looking forward to a great deal of nothing this weekend. We had a couple plans, but nothing major – no Events or Adventures or even anything Terribly Exciting. For once, I wasn’t about to complain about how boring my life was – I needed boring.

On Friday night, Josh Ed and I went to Raglan’s for a late dinner. We’d been there for breakfast before, but had never tried their regular menu although everyone else had. I was a little hesitant – the breakfast I had there was wrought with catastrophe and undercooked eggs – but the dinner we had more than made up for my squeamishness. I had their 900 burger, which came with cheese (held), bacon and mushrooms – all standard fare, but it was the burger itself that impressed me the most. It wasn’t just a slab of meat; it was seasoned and full of tasty things and a damn burger all ’round. It actually reminded me of the sublime Built Burgers that Doug and Ali introduced us to. It was awesome.

While Josh enjoyed his manly behemoth of a mojito, I opted for a small-sized rum drink. This marked the second time in one week I was drinking the alcohols; surely the intervention can’t be far behind. Even though I didn’t finish my drink, it got me surprisingly drunk – there was stumbling and slurring and I think I even got sloppy-angry-drunk at the TV but it totally shouldn’t have looked at me like that.

The rest of the weekend was more of the same. I had made a list of properties we were tentatively interested in, and two of them were having open houses this weekend. The first place we saw was in Upper Lynn Valley – a little far from downtown, but very close to all amenities in the area. The place was otherwise perfect – good price, beautiful insides, right across the street from a bus stop, pets allowed, rear-facing so there was little traffic noise and a little creek in the back yard. Unfortunately, we don’t have our finances solidly figured out yet and by the time we scrape together a down payment, the place will probably be gone. Yesterday that would have filled me with woe – I really loved the unit – but I am feeling more upbeat about it all. When we’re ready to go forward, we’ll find something awesome. I choose to be sure of this.

After breakfast with the Gang at Deacon’s Corner this morning, Ed and I saw a place just off Commercial Drive. We were curious as to why something in so prime a location would be in our price range, and it looked perfect on paper – a two-storey townhome with two bedrooms and an open floor plan and several patios. It was a little small, but worth checking out – so we did. It was quickly obvious why the place was priced so low, though – the hot water tank in the unit above had exploded and a great deal of water had seeped into the unit for sale. There was water damage almost everywhere that was being fixed, but would take a great deal extra to make perfect – hence the low price. Also, it was small. I’m glad we saw it so I won’t be filled with “what-if” angst, but the location was so awesome that it’s making me waiver on my pact to stay on the North Shore (much to Shan’s dismay).

We are just beginning this whole “let’s attempt to be grown-ups for a second and see what happens” adventure. The next few months are going to be interesting, assuming I survive the rollout at work.

Does anyone know why I have a rash on my neck?

3 thoughts on “open your house to me

  1. You’re having an allergic reaction to not having a pug. Solution, obtain one pug and apply pug kisses directly on rash. Are you listening Ed???

  2. Strange rashes and skin conditions are often caused by food sensitivities and/or sensitivities to the soap or skin care products. My wife Lisa had weeping lesions behind her ears until she stopped washing her hair with baby wash that contains Betaine. She got horrible rashes pretty much all over her body until she stopped eating corn (and corn products). I used to itch like crazy after a shower until I stopped using Dial soap. Currently we both use Papoutsanis olive oil soap (made in Greece) for hair and body, and we love it. No rashes, itches or weeping sores. Of course, in her case, washing her hair isn’t quite as big a deal as it once was:

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