no good

Hey, welcome to the worst day of my fucking life:

  • Got to work, was immediately ambushed by a manager and told that the process I set up two weeks ago had been killed by Angry Guy (who had TWO WEEKS to do this before I stepped in because his lack of action was worrying my people sick)
  • Pop machine is out of order
  • Boss tells me he is asking every other manager for detailed feedback on my performance
  • .. including the Angry Guy, who has already submitted his feedback and it isn’t very nice
  • .. because it’s based on the ONE interaction I had with him, in which he screamed at me for two hours straight in front of 10 of my peers
  • I sent a pre-emptive email to HR and my bosses, saying that I was not comfortable or interested in hearing what he had to say, because he basically has no right to pass judgment on me based on our one disastrous session
  • Weekend fun is threatened by dark noisy forces
  • HR and boss tell me to calm down and the feedback is meant to be constructive, not nasty
  • I have a huge, huge problem taking criticism – anything less than a glowing review will bring me to tears (thanks mom)
  • Boss sends me collective managerial feedback; it’s as bad as I expected – I talk too fast, I’m too rushed, I’m not sensitive enough to the needs of my trainees, people are fucking idiots who are afraid of technology, I’m too slow, I’m too fast, I smell like cheese
  • Meeting with various people is a frustrating exercise in attempting to rebuild the planet; my own suggestions are repeatedly interrupted by someone trying to keep me from freaking out (which I wasn’t about to do, I just fucking hate being interrupted)

And the very, very best news of all:

  • Financing for our place has been denied by the bank for exactly the reasons I outlined earlier: an $1100 lien that has been provisioned for, and a fully documented (with an engineer’s report) explanation of the work that was done and why

I fucking give up on this entire week.

Oh, and I’m crying my eyes out at my desk for all the above reasons and more, and I get pulled into a meeting with my boss and the VP and my goddamn mascara isn’t waterproof so I’m discussing how to configure JIRA with tears running down my face.


6 thoughts on “no good

  1. My love for you is like a coat made up of Hello Kitty dolls

    It sounds like you’re suffering from crap management. Not only crap management, but crap *over*management. Criticism can be hard but there are ways of giving constructive criticism that doesn’t come off like a complaint. It sort of sounds like your higher-ups don’t know about that.

    I’m sorry you’re having a bad week, people suck. Perhaps you should kill some of them?

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