this post is an utter cop out

I don’t particularly want to ruin my NaBloPoMo streak by not posting, but I don’t have much content for this Sunday evening post. That’s not to say I don’t have anything to say – I just spent the weekend in Tofino and took almost 600 pictures – but I am TIRED and dirty and exhausted and kind of greasy. I want nothing more than to be naked with a cup of Diet Coke in one hand and three cats in the other, rolling around on the bed like tomorrow isn’t Monday. The clothes came off within seconds of arriving home, I have a frosty mug full of deliciousness, and the cats will eventually forgive us (probably right around bedtime). The pictures are downloading as we speak, and tomorrow I shall sort and upload and regale you with tales of fabulous nothingness and cheese breads.

I am tired.

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