Tofino was awesome. The weather was both horrific and spectacular – torrential downpours and glorious sunshine, sometimes both at once. We arrived just after 8pm on Friday night after a harrowing drive from Nanaimo, and immediately settled in for a weekend of fun.

We were there for less than 48 hours, but we crammed a lot of experiencing into those two days. Extended romps at Long Beach – fireworks – a great deal of lounging – side trips to Ucluelet, Cathedral Grove and Coombs – and all the food in the world. We didn’t have time to stick around for Sunday’s boat ride, but next time we will make it a priority.

My near-death (in my mind; it probably wasn’t as serious as that) didn’t stop me from going back to the beach, although I made sure to stay away from the shore. When we were out on Saturday afternoon, I was standing a goodly distance away from the water, taking pictures. All of a sudden, a rogue wave came crashing up the beach towards us – we all ran, but I was quickly overtaken by the water and found myself flailing crotch-deep in the pounding surf. I walked as fast as I could towards the others, but I could feel the water pulling at me and I almost lost my balance. I panicked and shouted for Ed just before the water ebbed around me and I was able to extract myself from the tide – but it was scary as fuck, and I was shaken for quite some time afterward (as well as soaked through every layer and squelching with every step).

I still need to sort through most of my pictures, but I managed to upload a few favourites this morning:

pumpkins in macmillan park

i like moss

sunset at the cabin


One thought on “soggy

  1. One of my favourite places in the world. That is crazy about the rogue wave – you always hear about them but I neeeever have seen one in action. Glad you are okay and ready to get back to the beach the next day though! :)

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