saddle up

In a half-hearted attempt to get back on the proverbial horse, Ed and I went to a couple open houses today. The first one was nice enough – huge and in a good building – but it was sterile and carpeted, and in a lame location. Also, it had no personality and looked out over a Wendy’s parking lot. Good when you have the munchies; not so good when you want to see pretty things instead of cars and concrete.

The second place was very close to the first place Ed and I fell in love with (but had no chance at buying, as it sold early but stayed online for weeks afterward). It had new floors and paint, but the building was in rough shape and literally surrounded by small children – there was an elementary school directly across the street and a day care next door. The entire complex needed a great deal of work to bring it up to code, I’m not looking for a project – I’m looking for a home I can be happy with.

I have very little hope that it’ll happen any time soon, though. Ed keeps telling me to try and have fun with the whole process and something will happen eventually, but I can’t stop thinking about the place we almost had: it was gorgeous and perfect and I want THAT place, not something that may or may not be good enough at some point in the future.

I know I’m being pissy and pessimistic about it all, but that’s how I feel. I don’t currently *care* that things will work out in the end: right now I am upset and in mourning and I don’t want to be told to get over it already. House hunting kind of sucks, and the longer it takes to find a home, the longer we’ll be in this building alone with our stupid neighbours. Plus, I get to spend the next two weekends helping Josh, Shan, Miranda and Reilly all move into their new places. That’ll not be akin to torture at all!

I need to get all the vitriol out of my system before then. I’m happy for my friends, but right now I’m waist-deep in a pity party and don’t want to hear how awesome things are for everyone but us.

2 thoughts on “saddle up

  1. I know it feels like crap to not get the place you were in love with, but this is seriously part of the process of househunting. you’ll make several offers and have them accepted or not, you’ll have financing fall through… it’s part of the game. You’ve only just begun! We looked at 26 houses and made four offers (two of them accepted) before we got this one, which turns out to be one of the first listings we printed off. We started in March and removed conditions on May 30, and finally closed August 31. In the meantime it was a rollercoaster, a headache, and several times I considered just saying to hell with it and renewing our lease. (We were not as motivated to leave as you are, aside from those three weeks where the tenant next door was running a drug-dealing brothel and then there was the night with the knife fight in the bedroom adjacent to ours. But seriously we DID like our old place, especially after she got evicted).

    Patience, grasshopper.

  2. This whole thing is always super-stressful – you have my complete sympathy.

    I’d say don’t be swayed by things like nice paint. Sellers will often slap on a quick coat of paint before they sell… costs them a hundred bucks or so & can make the place so much more sale-able and add thousands to the selling price. Far better for you to be buying the place that NEEDS the coat of paint. You’ll get a better deal and a couple of tins of paint & a couple of friends will quickly get you exactly the colours you like and save you a shed-load of money.

    To a certain extent the same can be said about carpet – but if you’re thinking of replacing with wood flooring, check what the strata’s rules are on that before you buy.

    You’re right to not compromise on location. Location and layout you have to get right.

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