game over

That’s it, then.

The CMHC will not insure, so no lender will lend. We are unable – because of a technicality – to buy the condo we’ve both fallen in love with; the place so perfect for us that every other available unit looks like garbage in comparison.

I know this isn’t uncommon and it’s happened to other people and everything will be fine and we’ll find something eventually – but none of that matters to me at the moment. I am kind of heartbroken, and the thought of starting the hunt again makes me sick to my stomach.

I am very sad.


12 thoughts on “game over

  1. From the girl who went through buying not one, not two, but THREE places last month in the process of finding our place – I definitely know how you feel.

    Home buying is super stressful and all encompassing. Know that you are avoiding a major problem for yourself, down the road you just don’t need possibilities selling hanging over your head!

    Today: be sad. Tomorrow: shopping!


  2. Yeah, I’m not superstitious, but I had the WORST service at work tonight (for no reason) then afterwards my wife phoned in tears to tell me that a friend of hers had died suddenly, and then on the way out I broke my favourite sunglasses!! So glad the day’s over.

    The CMHC will not insure for a reason, you will be glad to avoid the money pit that is probably going to be that building, and there are lots of other properties out there, so just take a break and start looking again the new year!

    Good luck :)

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