all the fun ever

We didn’t leave the house until almost 2pm yesterday, but we made up for our late start by doing everything ever:

  • Sold my iPhone 3GS for fat cash (which will go towards my much, much fatter Visa)
  • Went to a motorcycle gear shop so Josh could price out his equipment; Shan and I ended up buying new helmets that are completely awesome
  • Used my last three Dairy Queen Groupons; had Blizzards
  • Showed Josh and Shan the Condo That Almost Was
  • Stopped at the BWM Motorcycle place so Josh could drool; Shan and I went to some random warehouse place and I bought Art To Be
  • Went to New Brighton Park to wander around, poke at the ocean, admire the beach penis:

i hate riding this bridge on my scooter

shan, ed and josh on the beach

all hail the new brighton penis

  • Quenched our thirst at McDonald’s – I am doing my best to make them regret offering any size pop for $1 all summer
  • Headed west to Kits; went to the Space Centre to see Quest for Origins – as a special bonus, Ed got verbally assaulted by some chick at the parking lot pay station and I somehow tweaked both my back and neck while gazing at the projections on the domed ceiling – ow ow ow
  • Indian Oven for dinner – omg so good
  • Cruised through downtown
  • Bought everything at the drug store
  • Came home, divvied up some goodies, collapsed into bed where it was too damn hot to sleep

Today: Gastown Show n’ Shine; additional adventure. I love summer!

graffiti by new brighton park

flowers at the museum of vancouver

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