sexism? there’s an app for that

Looks like Apple is getting in on the “girls are utter morons” craze started by Ubisoft – there’s a handy list called App For Essentials – Apps for Girls that includes:

  • Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise
  • Roiworld: Fashion Fix
  • MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)
  • Kitty Chorus
  • Dress Your Princess
  • iPuppy World
  • Disney Channel Cover Styler
  • Fairy Trails

They made a mistake though – they also included Math Flash Cards in the list, which is clearly meant for boys because everyone knows girls don’t do math.



10 thoughts on “sexism? there’s an app for that

  1. They only like it because of social pressure and advertising, though. I once saw a little girl in the airport around Christmas. Her little brother had gotten a play tools set, and she’d gotten some princess thing. He was WAY too young for the tools. She kept going over and trying to play with them (the little boy was totally ignoring them) and her dad kept taking her back and putting her in front of the princess crap. Sigh.

    And little girls and boys both play with dolls – what are GI Joes, really? DOLLS!

    Math is hard (tee hee!)

  2. I don’t buy it Renee. Sorry. It’s just human nature for girls to like that kind of thing. Not to say they don’t like other kinds of toys, but they love the mothering/cutesy side of things because they have vaginas.

  3. As a mother of both genders, they play with the same toys. Be it stuffed animals or toy cars, or video games. My daughter likes pretty much all the “boy” type toys/games. And really most of the “girl” crap is way too over the top for either of them. The games listed above I am not sure what they entail, but it does seem pretty retarded that they even have lists like that to begin with. Kinda like the gift recommendations at all online retailers atm. At the same time I can understand why they do go ahead and offer suggestions, so people will buy more crap. The issue I think is so big here would be the message that girls SHOULD be focusing on fashion, looks and cute animals apparently. Why are 1/3 of the apps geared to young girls focusing on how people look? Such a material message to our youth.

  4. As a father of both genders, I would agree with Lilie that they both play with everything. It’s really not very complicated, and the lists are just there as marketing tools for the parents, not the kids. :)

    It’s the parents that are stupid.

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