technically alive

The horrible blinding migraine I woke up with yesterday eventually subsided, but left me with day-long nausea that invited me, several times over, to take advantage of the available bucket and spew the contents of my soul up into it. I’m not nearly as unstable today as I was yesterday, but I can’t seem to keep anything down so I am at home, biding my time and eating crackers.

Mmm, crackers.

This day is costing me money – I’m officially out of sick days and am taking the day unpaid – but it is better than the alternative of barfing all over my desk and people. I hear they hate that.

Plus, crackers. Can’t go wrong with those.

I really don’t think this month could get any worse, but there are 13 days remaining – that’s a lot of time in which catastrophic things can happen, and I am not willing to tempt fate.


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