your turn

I can’t stop reading episode details for The Twilight Zone. It made for a spooky commute yesterday – I half expected something otherworldly to happen, like getting on to a Seabus with hundreds of copies of myself (terrifying to consider) or being told that I don’t actually exist or waking up to discover that I’m William Shatner seeing Hitler ripping wires out of the airplane wing at 20,000 feet.

There is nothing for me to say today. I am tired of being tired at our apartment and the house hunt and the rain. I tried to ask Twitter for suggestions, but everyone suggested the same thing: scooters in the rain! I haven’t been able to ride in weeks – I don’t own enough rain gear to keep me dry in storm season – so Lola is parked out back with the other 5 bikes, waiting for spring. That’s it. That is hardly an update at all, let alone an interesting one.

Do my work for me: what should I write about?


3 thoughts on “your turn

  1. Tell us about your ultimate dream home, when you guys are looking at condos, etc. what are your requirements? Even better, if money was no object, what would your dream home be & where? :)

  2. Build your “2010 ADVENTURES ON A JUST-BOUGHT-A-HOME-BUDGET” list… because it will be true shortly, and we can all benefit from this.

    Now that we will have homes but no money, we still need to have fun! What will we do? What will we see? Will we do a tour of the 2.95 breakfast places (keeping in mind the health inspection reports to avoid rat infestations)? Will we get our entertainment from doing Drunk Betty drive by tours for old times sake? Who knows!

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