not a resolution

I’m not really one for making New Year’s Resolutions. When asked last week what my resolutions were for the upcoming year, my answer was fairly typical: “less murder”. It’s a noble goal, to be sure – I don’t have access to a crawl space anymore – but certainly not along the lines of expected answers like “lose weight” “save orphans” “eat broccoli”. Making New Year’s Resolutions just seems like you’re setting yourself up for failure, and I fail at enough things on a daily basis that asking for MORE just seems stupid.

That being said, I have decided on something that could definitely be mistaken for a resolution instead of what it really is: a pact. Or a goal. Or something that I will do with steadfast determination; a promise. Maybe a declaration of intent, but NOT a resolution. That’s totally different, see?

Okay, enough preamble – here is my non-resolution:

Every day will be fancy bra day.

That’s it.

When I was putting away my new bras – each fancier than the last – I realized that I have a disproportionate number of fabulous intimates that never see the light of day because I save them for “special occasions”. If I had as many special occasions as I do fancy bras, I would never have time to sleep. Why should my spectacular rack be swathed in boring just because it’s Tuesday? Enough hording – it’s time to bring out the lacy, the ribboned, the peek-a-boo and the complicated. Every day can and should be a Special Occasion; not just those times when my schedule deviates from the norm. Breakfast with the gang? Wearing sweatpants and a hat? Underneath it all will be something elaborate and gorgeous, I promise.

This plan would be better if only I had matching underpants to go with my all my lovely brassieres – as it stands, I am wearing a fancy blue lacy thing with a pair of men’s Spider Man underwear. That being said, if I had known how comfortable men’s underwear was, I would have bought the Superman and Batman ones too. These are awesome!

Life is too short to wear boring underthings.

10 thoughts on “not a resolution

  1. I think a photo log of your non-resolution would be awesome. Not necessarily for us to see, but one of those 365 days photo montages…

  2. Take it once step further…

    Use your fancy bras to mesmerize Ed into letting you have your Pug.

    No offense Ed, but you’re a big meany for not letting Kimli have her wiggly, licky pug! A big meany!!!

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