live blogging school

This is my first day of school. I arrived with plenty of time, but couldn’t figure out how to pay for parking. I managed to solve it, and even snag spot 169 at the same time. I am awesome at school.

I got lost, though. There’s no campus map online, so I didn’t know there were multiple buildings. I’m so scattered that I feel lucky that I showed up to the right campus at all.

Everyone else in my class is either a nurse, an ESL teacher, or some sort of tradesman – I think there are 17 welders in here.


We are throwing around a koosh ball. I thought that only happened on the Rosie O’Donnell show.

The course I’m taking is the equivilent of 3rd year university – O_o. We’re getting a handout that outlines what’s expected of us in terms of handing in university-level work and how to format our papers. I’m thinking 24pt Comic Sans on neon pink scented paper with bunnies on the background will get me far.

Okay, a class full of welders might be a problem – teacher just gave out the program URL, to which I piped up “it crashes Firefox!” .. because it does; you have to use IE or it will fuck your shit up. This is useful info, I thought – until the welders started asking “what’s a Firefox?”. Oi.

Maybe I don’t need to live blog this whole thing – I actually need to pay attention, and I can feel this becoming pretty annoying very quickly. I don’t really feel like a student yet though, mostly because I don’t have a student ID – clearly, that is the most important part. Getting discounts on things. I have my priorities in order.

Parking is $4/day, which is good – I was worried it was going to be outrageous and I would have to make a heartbreaking decision about car vs. public transit. At $4/day, driving is not out of the question. It didn’t take too long to get here this morning, and now that I know where I’m going, I could make this work. Also, it’s only for a week. I will live.

We’re on lunch break. I ate a college hamburger. It was not tasty. Tomorrow I will bring a lunch, and also some chocolate.

You know, this post kind of sucks. You should read yesterday’s post for a story, or Friday’s post for a fight.

5 thoughts on “live blogging school

  1. insurance gets paid no matter what. The price of gas is more than covered by the amount of time saved by driving. It’s a 10 min drive vs 40 or so min by transit. An hour a day for maybe $2 in gas. That’s a deal boy howdy.

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