it’s like bedazzling ‘o canada’

My route may have been a little convoluted, but the first official scooter commute of both the New Year and the new house was a success. I dodged a lot of traffic and abused the Olympic Lane more than once (I also cut the post-event Skytrain line last night – I’m already on the VANOC shitlist; I might as well use the opportunity to break as many rules as I can), but I got to work only a few minutes late. If I had taken the bus, I wouldn’t be at work yet – there are incidents going on all over the place, and the buses are backed up and issuing alerts. Transit is going to be an exercise in angst during the Olympics – I just hope the weather holds so I can just scoot everywhere and laugh.

There are a few observations I wanted to add to my list from last night:

  • The individual singing the national anthem has a gorgeous voice, but I did NOT like what they did to the song – our anthem (any anthem, actually) does not need vocal embellishing; it takes away from the overall effect
  • Russia had an impressive string – 3 people long – but the USA had 4
  • Canada’s string may not have been the longest, but it was clearly the best and accompanied by 30 people
  • They weren’t kidding about airport security – be prepared to have your belongings scanned and manhandled, and your person wanded by a 16-year old girl
  • Did I mention that you should be in line already?
  • WEAR COMFY SHOES! The VANOC-approved exit for BC Place forces people to walk to the Main Street Skytrain Station, where you will wait in almost as long a line to get onto a train
  • When I emerged at the Burrard Station last night, there was a 3-piece band doing a banjo/bongo/guitar cover of BEP’s “I Gotta Feeling” – it was kind of awesome

The inauspicious end to last night’s festivities really did a number on my excitement about the whole thing, but hopefully I will get some of my mojo back before things start for real. The torch comes very close to Sparta on Friday, so I will try to get some pictures. Maybe the torch contains my happy. We shall see.

walking the sea wall

8 thoughts on “it’s like bedazzling ‘o canada’

  1. I’m glad you stayed quiet on the details, despite your run ins with VANOC. I am running one of the followspots for both ceremonies, and so i’ve been privy to most everything and i understand the temptation to talk. I also echo your sentiments about “O Canada” It’s a song that’s supposed to be sung by all Canadians, not soloized by many performers. It’s really their job to lead the stadium, rather then make the song theirs.

    • Hee actually you won’t :) In order to determine how much space each country’s procession would need, they had a length of string carried by 2-30 people to show how much room the athletes would actually take up! There won’t be any string on Friday; just excited people!

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