sharing is for chumps

There’s a BOY in my BATHROOM and I HATE IT.

RENEE IS HERE! At long last, her exile in the frozen land of Ontario has come to an end and she is in her rightful place amongst the plaid-and-fishnet wearing punk fiddlers and tree-leaping hippies. She starts her new job at UBC on Monday, and will be staying with us until the end of the month. It seems accommodations for February are mighty hard to come by, so I get a roomie for two weeks as we wait for the rest of the world to clear out of our back yard. YAY FOR ‘NEE! I am delighted she is here, even if it means I have to let Ed use my bathroom until March!

I spent most of yesterday chasing the torch around East Vancouver on my scooter. I traveled to several locations to check out the crowds, but didn’t venture past Renfrew – I wasn’t in the mood to be swarmed by protestors, as Lola doesn’t offer much in the way of protection from angry mobs and/or zombies. People are funny when they’re excited – they’ll cheer for just about anything, myself included. I like cheers. People should cheer for me more often.

We watched the opening ceremonies at Sparta last night with the gang, and it was fun seeing it for real. Also awesome was the Twitter feed while the show was on – there was some comedy gold going on last night, and we took turns reading out the more hilarious comments and laughed ourselves silly. I was planning on posting some of them, but my feed doesn’t go that far back – boo! You’ll have to take my word for it. The running commentary was just great, and it actually added to the overall fun of the opening ceremonies.

I’m off to get a haircut and perhaps take in some of the destruction apparently going on in downtown Vancouver. This is probably the only time in history I’ve wished that I had a Hummer – I would like to run some stupid people over, and Lola just wouldn’t do enough damage right now.

Pictures later!

4 thoughts on “sharing is for chumps

  1. The twitter commentary was indeed gold. Platinum even, maybe.

    The Space Eskimos and their Space Bear god. The Devil Punk Rock Celt in a flying canoe. So much awesome unintentional comedy!

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