more olympic fun

I got a present in the mail yesterday:

olympic shame is made of false facts

Oh yeah. You know you’re jealous. Actually, I am too – I heard from several others who received their pins that they got TWO of them. I only got the one, which makes me sad – if I had two, I would give one away. As it stands, you will just have to admire mine from afar and wish you were as cool as I am.

I’m finding a happy niche for myself in sharing Olympic information off the beaten path. Today’s tips:

  • The red mittens are available at every Bay and Zellers – if you can’t get downtown, try a store out in the ‘burbs. The Zellers in Lynn Valley is full of red mittens in all sizes! (the Bay is out of L/XL mittens)
  • Unfortunately, some businesses in Vancouver are seeing the Olympics as an opportunity to gouge both tourists and locals. Driven by user-submitted tips and Twitter, Spiffle has created a handy list of both places NOT being greedy (#2010niceprices) and those who are raising prices and/or tacking an automatic tip onto your bill (#2010profiteers). Check the list out and keep an eye out for other places that deserve a jeer or a cheer – I’ll be making a point to avoid the nasties after the Olympics are over, and supporting those who didn’t milk the cash cow instead.
  • I thought I had found the most expensive Olympic souvenir, the $695 Team China track suit – but OH, how wrong I was:

for that price, the damn jacket better wear me

A $1200 leather-sleeved Team Russia jacket.

I should buy two!

2 thoughts on “more olympic fun

  1. Why do we disagree with autogratuities? That’s not price gouging. The poor wait staff aren’t paid living wages and are working insane conditions right now…. and if Europeans don’t tip because they aren’t aware of how it works here, then all the minimum wage people suffer.

    Obviously it would be better if we just paid our wait staff proper wages so that tips were actually a reflection of awesome service, but since that overhaul of our system isn’t going to take place overnight, autogratuities seem like the only way to make sure wait staff get paid properly while serving the world.

    Am I missing something?

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