everyone is entitled to fun

First they were up in arms because the Olympics were coming.

Then they were up in arms because the Olympics were here.

Even though they don’t even care, they’re up in arms because of a fence.

And now? Well, now they’re up in arms because you can’t get stinking drunk and act like a pathetic piece of trash in public.

People are freaking the fuck out because the city closed all liquor stores early on Friday and Saturday nights, and are enforcing the “no drinking in public” rule; calling Vancouver the “No Fun City” and other clever names. Never mind that the entire month of February is one massive party for everyone even if you don’t set foot into a single sporting venue; never mind that there are free concerts and activities every single day; never mind that the weather has been spectacular and spirits are higher than I’ve ever seen them. Let’s forget all about that, and instead focus on the fact that we can’t get DRUNK and therefore what’s the point of even HAVING an Olympics.

Did I miss the press conference where being drunk was a mandatory precursor to having fun?

LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE. If you can’t have fun without alcohol, then you’ve got bigger problems to address. Maybe some of us would rather go to an event and not have to worry about facing a drunken mob of vomiting, ridiculous assholes. Maybe some of us would rather not see you pissing on buildings or in the middle of the street. Maybe we’d rather not deal with the staggering senses of entitlement that alcohol abuse seems to gives you. Maybe we’d like to walk down the street without that prickling sense of fear when you see the rowdy screaming gang at the end of the block – are they friendly drunks? Will they harass me? Rape me? Frighten my children? Puke on my shoes? Where’s the nearest escape route if things get out of hand?

I know some people are perfectly able to have a drink or two and still conduct their business in a sensible manner. These aren’t the people the police are trying to stop – it’s those that don’t know when to stop, don’t know how to act like human beings, don’t know that getting blinding drunk and making an ass of yourself isn’t a requirement of having fun. Do you honestly think that the stopping the sale of alcohol is because no one knows how to have a good time and we’re all lame sticks in the mud with even bigger sticks up our asses? That isn’t the POINT – the point is that some people don’t know how to have fun without going too fucking far, and EVERYONE is entitled to have fun – not just the idiots who binge drink because it’s oh-so hilarious.

Get the fuck over yourselves and grow up.

6 thoughts on “everyone is entitled to fun

  1. It would be interesting to know what the statistics regarding who the offenders mostly are – locals or visitors. I’d wager that most of the a-holes are probably locals. :/

  2. am i wrong to think the unruly and aggro drunktards in vancouver are just worse than a big city such as new york or london? not that new york is not without its problems, but come on! they have a million people descend on time square for new years eve every single year without controversy.

    is it something about vancouver specifically that brings out such a**holes? remember the 1994 stanley cup riots?

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