free lobster; boob

Against my usual judgment (the one that keeps me at home most nights), I decided to suck up my fear of people and go to the Yahoo/Flickr party in Yaletown this evening.

It turned out to be a night full of new experiences, in more ways than one:

  • I crashed my first party (I wasn’t officially on the guestlist because I had marked myself as a “maybe” – luckily for me, GusF came up to the door while I was standing around looking lost, and told the bouncers “Oh that’s Kimli, everyone knows her!” and I got in)
  • I was handed various kinds of lobster and pressed to take more, but seriously I was all full up of lobster
  • I got to feel up Catherine’s boob
  • I felt all important and social media-y, being at a fancy party with people far more important in the scene than I
  • I had fun!
  • (not at all connected to the items above) I won a Flight Control t-shirt from Firemint!

I’m glad I decided to go to the party – it was so much fun! I hadn’t been to Yaletown yet during the Olympics and was surprised at how alive it was – as I was leaving the party, the Coke truck came rolling through and I ended up with some free Coke Zero to go along with all my neat Flickr swag. The Olympic fun just keeps on happening! Hopefully I’ll find another party or two to crash before it’s all over; I could really get used to free lobster and also Catherine’s boobs.

parties: fun!

4 thoughts on “free lobster; boob

  1. I had hummed and hawwed about going to the Flickr event, but just RSVP’d as a maybe and decided to keep my shy self away from the party.

    Sounds like I missed out.

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