a sucker for free

I got a present today!

The Vancouver 2010 website was offering personalized journals for free, so I signed up – then promptly cancelled my order when I realized “free” actually meant “pay $18 for shipping”. A month or so ago an email went out saying that the shipping rates were vastly inflated in error, so please come back and get your free journal. I decided to give them a second chance, and went back to collect my free book of memories. Shipping was around $10 this time, which was more reasonable – so I signed up and forgot all about it.

The idea was pretty neat – you could upload your own pictures to the site which would then be printed into your book. I was at work and didn’t have time to put a lot of thought into it, so I uploaded one picture for the cover, added my name to it, and called it good.

Receptionist 3.0 brought a mystery package to my desk this morning, and lo! My Olympic Journal! It’s actually pretty neat, and I love the picture I used for the cover:

i believe in the power of mukmuk and i

The book is obviously meant for little kids, as it suggests things to take pictures of and provides writing area for your own stories and memories of the games – but I am a sucker for all things notebook, and this one is pretty spiffy. It’s got some great pictures of Vancouver in it, and I will endeavor to fill it with hastily written grocery lists and future blog post ideas throughout the rest of 2010.

You still might be able to get your own journal for “free” – here’s the website; the code I used was either “journal2010” or “shipping2010”. Go nuts*!

*: It is not advisable to put a picture of your nuts on your journal cover to be printed by unsuspecting people in Ontario

In other news, I’m thinking about dropping my last name altogether and just going by Kimli – I’m totally famous like Madonna and Cher; I could pull it off.

3 thoughts on “a sucker for free

  1. Wow really? Free? It looks so awesome. I want one now too!

    I keep wanting to order one of those “commemorative” Olympic books that are around $79 or something… which seems ridiculously expensive. But they say they won’t sell them in stores. Hm. Can’t decide what to do.

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